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Iowa State: Your 2015-2016 NCAA Tournament Champions

Taking a look at the uncanny similarities of Duke and Iowa State's Championship runs (from the future).

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that WRNL has a time machine? While we stupidly forgot to use the time machine to warn everyone about the crushing defeat to UAB this year, we did use it to find out that Iowa State wins the title next year, and their run is totally and completely similar to Duke's triumph this year.

3-14: Let's start with the obvious: Both Iowa State and Duke were 3 seeds that lost to 14 seeds the year before they went on to win the National Championship.

Other Jobs: Both Coach K and Fred Hoiberg have other jobs. Coach K is a Professor at Duke and Fred Hoiberg is the Mayor of Ames (and our hearts).

5: Going into their championship seasons both Hoiberg and Coach K were going for the 5th of something in the postseason. Coach K was going for his 5th National Championship and Fred was going for his 5th straight NCAA Tournament berth (basically the same thing).

1: Both Coach K and Fred Hoiberg's win total start with the number 1. Coach K has over 1000 and Fred Hoiberg has over 100 (also basically the same thing).

Freshmen leaving: Both Coach K and Fred Hoiberg had promising freshman leave the program the year before. Jabari Parker left Duke and Clayton Custer left Iowa State (again, basically the same).

Recruits: Both programs had high caliber big men help lead the charge. Jahlil Okafor was the first freshman to win the ACC player of the year and Cheick Diallo was the first freshman to win Big 12 player of the year.

Point Guards: Both Coach K and Fred Hoiberg had returning upperclassman point guards and strong team leaders in Quinn Cook and Monte "Man-Man, Mr. Big Game, Man-Beast, Tae" Morris.

Versatile: Both Coach K and Fred Hoiberg had versatile forwards take the reigns in the closing moments of games in the NCAA Tournament in Justise Winslow and Georges Niang.

Home Court: Both teams get to play in some of the nation's top atmospheres.

Family: Both Coach K and Fred Hoiberg always make time for those they care about most.

Religion: Duke calls on the Blue Devil while Iowa State calls on 3sus of Nazareth.

2: Both Duke and Iowa State were ranked 2nd in the preseason seen here and here.

Brothers: Both teams had current players with older brothers who previously played for the team and are now in the NBA. Duke had Marshall Plumlee and his older brothers Mason and Miles while Iowa State had Nick Babb and his older brother Chris.

Rent-a-Player: Both Coaches enjoy and employ the Rent-a-Player strategy Bo Ryan so famously coined. Fred likes the 5th year transfer route and Coach K likes the One and Done route.

I’m proud to bring you this fantastic news from the future, that the Iowa State Men’s Basketball team won the 2015-2016 National Championship!