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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/7/15

Iowa State Basketball

PRESEASON TOP 5 GALORE. Yahoo has Iowa State at preseason #4 and so does ESPN. SB Nation has them at #3, while NBC Sports gives Iowa State the 2 spot, as well as Cheick Diallo. I sure hope Rob Dauster knows something we don't.

BIG 12 CHAMPS AND WOODEN WINNER? Myron Medcalf is the lead conductor on the Iowa State 2015-16 hype train.

HOPEFULLY THEY COMBINE FOR MORE THAN 0 POINTS. Seriously though, congrats to Bryce Dejean-Jones and Dustin Hogue for earning invites to the Portsmouth Invitational.

Iowa State Football

OL IN FOCUS. Paul Rhoads hopes the improved depth at offensive line this year means they'll be less effected by injuries.

Around The Country

NOT EXACTLY GRACIOUS IN DEFEAT. Bo Ryan went off about the officiating last night (somewhat understandable), but then went further and took a shot at Duke's likely one and dones.

AND HE'S GOT ALLIES! Bronson Koenig was almost not happy with the officiating. He took one subtle shot, and one less subtle shot. Meanwhile, Missouri senator Claire McCaskill is supporting Bo's stance on one and dones.

DIAMOND STONE LAUGHS. The 5 star recruit (and likely one and done) that Bo Ryan couldn't get to come to Madison was happy about Wisconsin's loss.

JOINING HIM IS FELLOW WISCONSINITE TONY ROMO. Noted Duke fan Tony Romo was on hand to see the Blue Devils win.

THE BENCH BETTER HAVE BEEN ARTISAN AND SOLID OAK. Duke fans celebrated their national title by burning a bench.

WE DIDN'T MAKE ONE SHINING MOMENT. Never been happier to not see Iowa State in this.


BETTER THROWS ARE A PLUS. Yankees fan tries to throw a home run ball back unsuccessfully.

NICE, ROY. Roy Williams donated a seat to be left open for Bo Ryan's late father. Really classy gesture.

HEY, THAT'S OUR THING. Wisconsin teletubby was at the game last night.

DAMMIT MIAMI. Despite having a retractable roof, the Marlins had a rain delay. Clear front runner for WRNL's baseball team now.