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Mid-Morning Dump - 4/8/15

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Iowa State Basketball

NOSKOWIAK VISITING. With the return of T.J. Otzelberger, the recruitment of Nick Noskowiak is back on.

Iowa State Football

POLLARD STOPS BY. Jamie Pollard stopped by the football practice yesterday to see how things are going.

HE JUST NEEDED A YEAR. LB Jordan Harris needed that red-shirt year but you best believe he's ready to make an impact.

WELL THAT'S KNOTT GOOD. LB Luke Knott's career might be in jeopardy.

ANOTHER TOP 10 RANKING. It's not what you think, this isn't basketball, silly goose. ESPN ranks Iowa State's top 10 players.

Iowa State Volleyball

STILL A CYCLONE STATE. Iowa State beat Iowa in the teams' first spring game.

Around the Country

THE REST OF THE COUNTRY IS FINDING OUT WHAT CYCLONE FANS KNEW FOR AGES. College referees are completely and utterly incompetent.

UCONN WON ANOTHER TITLE. Gene Auriemma won his 10th National Championship last night by beating Notre Dame.

THIS SHOULD HELP. NCAA will relax conference title game restrictions, which will benefit Iowa State the rest of the Big 12.

CLIFFORD THE BIG BLUE BIRD FLIES AWAY. Cliff Alexander is leaving for the NBA after an interesting season.

ERIC BLEDSOE GOT TOSSED. For arguing a call that went in his favor...

BYRON SCOTT WILL NOT GO TO WAR WITH HIS PLAYERS. Lakers Coach Byron Scott says he will not be spending any amount of time with his players in a foxhole for fear they'd shoot him in the back.

DIRKS BRATWURST IS IMPRESSIVE. Dirk Nowitzki had his crotch grabbed and was told it was impressive.

BOBCATS>SHARKS. This bobcat doesn't care for Shark Week so it decides it's just going to snatch a shark from the ocean to send a message. Does anyone know if there a Bobcat Week in the works?

SOME NOT SO GOOD THINGS HAPPENED IN THE NBA. Pacers Forward Chris Copeland was stabbed and two Hawks players were arrested as well regarding the same incident. The Morris twins also allegedly assaulted a man who was sexting their mom.

A SMALL COUNTRY'S WORTH OF FOOD. The Rock eats 821 pounds of cod yearly.