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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/1/15

Iowa State Basketball

MCKAY TOOK LESSONS FROM SWOLL. Getting shredded, brah.

MATTY TIME. Chris Williams believes next season will be Matt Thomas' time to shine.

MORE SEC/BIG 12. The women are going to partake in a Big 12/SEC challenge next season.

Iowa State Wrestling

GADSON ROADTRIPPING. Kyven Gadson took a tour of the U.S, with it ending at a Big 12 forum in Washington, DC.

Seattle Mariners

MORE IOWA STATEY. Seattle lost in extra innings last night with a flurry of bunts.

Around The Country

NFL DRAFT GRADES. SB Nation grades the teams' first days.

GOODELL NO LEARN NAMES GOOD. Roger Goodell was booed, then screwed up Marcus Mariota's name.


JAMEIS CELEBRATES. The #1 pick celebrates with crabs.

GREEK FORM TACKLE. Giannis Antetokounmpo's season came to an end last night after an ejection.

NEW UNI DAY. The 49ers decided to reveal alternate jerseys during the draft.

NO CALL BUZZER BEATER. The Capitals spared the Rangers overtime, but possibly only because of this non-call.

HOW OLD? Using the age analyzer to check on athletes' ages. I'll just leave this here.