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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/11/15

Iowa State Basketball

WE'LL PLAY 3 HUGGINS STAINED TEAMS! Iowa State and Cincinnati have agreed to a home and home.

Seattle Mariners

THE KING IS THE KING. Felix Hernandez was on the mound, so of course the Ms won.

Around The Country

ILLINOIS ISSUES. A former player is accusing Tim Beckman of mistreatment after his injuries.

AGGIE IS SALTY. A&M Chancellor John Sharp is taking shots at Texas' TV contract.

GOLSON TO THE SEC? Everett Golson is transferring to a new school to complete his college eligibility.

PUPPET COACH. David Blatt is the assistant coach to LeBron, and probably rightfully so, since Blatt likes to do Chris Webber things.

DON'T SHOWBOAT. This excessive showboating was met with the appropriate action.

STOP HACKING. The refs are just as annoyed at the Hack-A-Jordan strategy as everyone else.

AS GOOD OF A PLACE AS ANY TO LEAVE IT. The 94 Rangers left the Stanley Cup in a strip club.

I DOUBT HE DID. Dwight Howard challenges a heckler to come out onto the court.

OVI'S GUARANTEE. After blowing two straight, Alexander Ovechkin is guaranteeing a Game 7 win.