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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/12/15

Iowa State Football

SPRING WRAPUP. Paul Rhoads recounts how the spring season went.

TAILGATE TOUR STARTS. The Cyclone Tailgate tour starts today on its run through the state.

STILL GOOD TO GO. Sheldon Croney is progressing well after shooting himself last week.

Iowa State Basketball

WHAT'S UP, DOC? Kourtlin Jackson is off to Southern Miss to reunite with Doc Sadler in search of playing time.

STARTING LINEUP. Chris Williams projects what next year's lineup will look like.

Around The Country

GENIUS. A Florida woman hid an orange an blue theme underneath an Alabama themed wedding cake.

NCAA GONNA NCAA. Don't give to charity, colleges!

WORST SUIT EVER? John Wall's suit is, according to J.R. Smith.

DEFLATE PENALTY. The NFL handed down punishment to Tom Brady and the Patriots yesterday.

AH, POLITICAL WASTE. Chris Christie really knows how to spend those taxpayer dollars.

STOP BEING DUMB, GUYS. The eff her right in the P crowd got backlash from a reporter.