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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/14/15

Iowa State Basketball

DECISION LOOMING. The annual Hoiberg-to-the-NBA rumors are here and Travis Hines warns that we should take them more seriously than normally this time around.

ROYCE BACK? Mr. White is planning another shot at the NBA.

Around The Country

FORD OUT. Running back Keith Ford is leaving Oklahoma.

INVESTIGATION FOR BECKMAN? The players' union is recommending an investigation into Tim Beckman.

OVERNIGHT JUGGERNAUT. How did Maryland become a juggernaut of a program overnight?

THE HUMANITY! Harrison Barnes' groin will never feel the same again after he did the splits on D.

PREMATURE. Paul Pierce thought he won the game and essentially the series. except he didn't.

FAKE HIJINKS? This kiss-cam moment led to beer spilled on the couple in front of them.

OF COURSE. Rob Gronkowski reveals his super bro AIM screen name.

BABY SHAQ. Shaquille O'Neal's kid is already 6'7" and looking like he'll be a top prospect.

THIS HURTS. Real Madrid won't be in the Champions League final, due to their own former player scoring against them.

FAB FIGHTING. Chris Webber and Jalen Rose are throwing barbs at each other.