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WRNL Hotbox: 5/15/15

Today's date reads the same backwards!

Well, loyal Box readers, your usual Boxer has been sidelined (see what I did there?) this week due to some unexpected last minute shit, so you get Uncle Norm. I promise nothing of substance, nor decorum. Let's do it.

CornFedIABoy writes:

Dear Hotbox: 6’9" Jameel McKay and 5’10" Seanna Johnson. How does that work?

This doesn't seem that ridiculous to me, honestly. I guess stand up stuff is out of the question, but that's probably it.

FutureMrsExCy writes:

All Might Hotbox Please Help! My boss put me in charge of planning our team builder this year and I have no idea what we should do. I’m still trying to figure out why he put the person who lives 2 hours away in charge of planning an event in Des Moines. We have about 10 people in our office and I’m looking for something that can be done during the afternoon. Things we have done in the past include paddle boats at gray’s lake and bowling. Alcohol can be involved but should not be the main event.

Well, FutureMrsExCy, this probably just isn't your week. Here's the Replace-a-box's solution: First, schedule some mass transport for the group. Have them pick you up at work. Your first stop should be El Bait Shop for some delicious food and classy beers. It shows you have refined taste. Then, I would head to Carl's Place to show you're in touch with the modern hipster. You have to make all demographics in your office feel welcomed. From there, I would head over to the East Side for diversity training. Gerri's will present you with an opportunity to touch base with a different demographic found in your office, and you can have the wings. From here, I would head to Beach Girls, and suggest to your co-workers that they take part in the in-house entertainment. Trust the Box on this, it's encouraged there. There's simply no better way to team bond than to open yourselves to the shame, humiliation, and black mailing you can unleash on your coworkers after you've seen them pole dance on drugs, or bust them getting a $50 handy in the private lounge. You're welcome.

CyHawk writes:

What is Chuck Grassley referring to in this tweet?

This is a reference to the infamous tweet about the Windsor Heights DQ being a good place for "u kno what". Dear Cy-Hawk, The Honorable Mr. Grassley was clearly referring to Dilly Bars. Get your mind out of the gutter! Public restroom sexual deviance from politicians is Minnesota's thing. Seriously though, we're pretty sure he goes there to blow goats. CylentButDeadly has proof. Bryclone writes:

Dear Hotbox, How many times do we rush the field this year?


AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Oh. You were serious. I guess you can rush the field after a loss. I guess. "I gotta get drunk" - Willie Nelson