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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/20/15

Iowa State Basketball

LET'S HOPE THIS ISN'T A REALITY THOUGH. Today's Fastbreak wrote a great breakdown of the Bull's offense under Fred Hoiberg.

DEAFENING SILENCE. Bobby La Gesse writes about the pandemonium Fred Hoiberg's silence is causing in Cyclone Nation.

Iowa State Football

3 WINS? THAT'S AN IMPROVEMENT! Against The Numbers has Iowa State at three wins this season.

Around The Country

OH, IF ONLY FRED WOULD DO THIS. John Calipari denies NBA speculation.

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Everett Golson is a Seminole. What are the ramifications for ND and FSU?

NBA DRAFT LOTTERY WINNERS AND LOSERS. The Timberwolves win the first pick, and Kobe's making jokes.

DRUNK TIMES OUTSIDE. If you want to drink at the ACC baseball tourney, it won't be while watching the game live.

WHY THE HELL NOT? After Andrew Shaw's header goal was disallowed for you know, being illegal, Deadspin ponders why it should be.

IT WOULD HELP AVOID THIS. Sleeping 3OT kid is the best.

AT LEAST HE'S HONEST. Bradley Beal hopes nobody wins the NBA championship.

FURTHER POINT AFTERS! It'll be slightly harder to kick a PAT in the NFL this year.