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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/21/15

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Iowa State Basketball

PLAYERS WEIGH IN. Georges Niang and Matt Thomas give their two cents about the whole Hoiberg thing.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Otz says they are approaching this as, "Business as usual".

JAMEEL'S RIGHT, THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND. The same time the fake Randy Pete tweet started circulating, Jameel McKay tweeted this.

Seattle Mariners

WE WON!! Seattle beat the Orioles.

Around the Country

I DO NOT BLAME HIM. Kyle Korver sprinted out of the way of a monster Lebron James dunk.

J.R. SWISH. Naz Long helped J.R. Smith go crazy from three last night.

SHAQ AND ERNIE SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Shaq and Ernie Johnson were on the Kiss-Cam.

THE IMPOSSIBLE IS NOW UNIMPOSSIBLE. Barolo Colon got an infield hit.

YOU ALL REMEMBER SHAWN OAKMAN RIGHT? He's the Baylor defensive lineman with all the meme's, well he's a freak athlete. Oakman does a 40 inch box jump with two 35 pound weights.

SPEAKING OF FREAKISH DEFENSIVE LINEMAN. J.J. Watt had a bruise the size of my body and that't only possible because his quads are twice the size of my body.

LETTERMAN'S LAST SHOW WAS LAST NIGHT. So here's his last monologueAlso here's his last top ten thingy. Basically if you didn't watch his last show, like me, I have you covered.

SPEAKING OF LATE NIGHT TELEVISION. Jamie Foxx does a perfect Doc Rivers.