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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/22/15

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Iowa State Basketball

WHY HOIBERG? Experts weigh in on why Fred Hoiberg is such a heavily desired commodity around the NBA.

3SUS PRESIDES. Naz Long, doing charity stuff, duh.

Seattle Mariners
CLOSE BUT NO. Apparently the Orioles and Mariners had an ineptitude-off and the Ms lost.
Around The Country

HARDEN MAD. James Harden coughed up the ball to lose the game, and dealt with it by destroying a curtain.

NOT EVEN ON CAMERA. Somebody tried to surprise posterize Jahlil Okafor during an interview. It didn't work.

THIS SEEMS EXCESSIVE. Kung fu kicking a ref in the back for just a yellow card.

HIS PAY IS COOLER THAN YOURS. Somebody found Andrew McCutcheon's pay stub.

SUCKS FOR THE EQUIPMENT GUYS. The Nationals are celebrating with chocolate syrup lately.

NOT WEIRD AT ALL. The sign Pitt had to make for Pat Narduzzi makes him look pervy.

WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE... OFFENSIVE LINE? Dan Carpenter doesn't care that he has to kick PATs from further away, but he's worried for the safety of his linemen.