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The Weekender: Extended Edition

Where we pay homage to those that have died while serving this country.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

It's another weekend, but not just any special kind of weekend. While it's true most of us get three days off to enjoy the burgeoning summer heat, it's for a reason we should all be thankful for.

Memorial Day began as a way to pay tribute to soldiers that died in the Civil War and has since expanded to include all soldiers that passed away while serving this country. So thank a soldier this weekend, talk to your family members if they served (and talk to them even if they didn't), and then crack a few beers in remembrance.

Now here's what's on tap for the more important sporting events this weekend (sorry, baseball, you're not even in mid-season form yet).

Friday, May 22nd

NBA Playoffs: Cleveland at Atlanta - 7:30 PM CT - TNT

NHL Playoffs: New York at Tampa Bay - 7:00 PM CT - NBCSN

Saturday, May 23rd

NHL Playoffs: Anaheim at Chicago - 7:00 PM CT - NBC

NBA Playoffs: Golden State at Houston - 8:00 PM CT - ESPN

Sunday, May 24th

Indianapolis 500 - 11:00 AM CT - ABC

NASCAR Sprint Cup at Charlotte - 5:00 PM CT - Fox

NHL Playoffs: Tampa Bay at New York - 7:00 PM CT - NBCSN

NBA Playoffs: Atlanta at Cleveland - 7:30 PM CT - TNT

Monday, May 25th

NBA Playoffs: Golden State at Houston - 8:00 PM CT - ESPN

NHL Playoffs: Chicago at Anaheim - 8:00 PM CT - NBCSN

And as a continuation from the Mid-Morning Dump, what's on tap this weekend? Both figuratively and literally.