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Previewing the 2015 Iowa State Football Season in GIFs

We take a new spin on our GIF series by paying homage to Mad Men.

David Purdy/Getty Images

A few weeks ago on Twitter I hatched a plan to make a GIFs post completely devoted to Mad Men. And while I'm late to the perfect timing on this (the series ended last week) there's something timeless about Mad Men and the inevitable failure of Iowa State football.

As we typically do with these posts, we'll let the headlines do the talking.


The First Tailgate

There's a South End Zone to Go See!

The First Touchdown

We Could Start 5-0!

Nope, Still Playing UNI

The Passing Game

The Running Game

It's 28-0 at Halftime, What Do You Do?

TCU & Baylor Back-to-Back

How's That Linebacker Situation?

The 4th Quarter of a Big 12 Game When ISU Has The Lead

The Annual Oklahoma Beatdown

Pollard's Response to Bowlsby in December

Despite Recent Failures, Football is Still the Best Time of the Year