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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/29/15

Iowa State Basketball

ALREADY PREPPING FOR DOOMSDAY. Gary Parrish reports that Jamie Pollard has been preparing for Hoiberg's departure for a while.

AT LEAST HE'S LEAVING US FULLY STOCKED. One of the rare times where a coach is leaving a loaded team is happening.

WRITING'S ON THE WALL. Fred Hoiberg told Cheick Diallo he couldn't commit to Iowa State for the 2015-16 season.

Seattle Mariners

NOPE. Bocce Ball is apparently not a good thing to have your game compared to.

Around The Country

THE BIG 12 IS AWESOME! The legend of Hilton South will live on until 2020.

THE BIG 12 IS SO STUPID. Showing too many replays will be punishable in the Big 12.


TEXAS DITCHING NIKE? Texas is thinking about going to Under Armour. Maybe they're just motivated by Oregon passing them up with the top revenue in the land.

THIS IS AMAZING. The Tampa Bay Lightning projected Blades of Steel onto their ice.

REAL MATURE, DUDES. Going with the not very subtle inappropriate headline here.

SPELLING BEE IS THE BEST. Why the Scripps event was the best 2015 sporting event. Maybe because the champ has swag.

PETE CARROLL, NOTED... International Hair Thief?