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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/4/15

Iowa State Basketball

ON THE MEND. Fred Hoiberg is also good at recovering from surgery. Because he's good at everything. Ever.

Iowa State Football

CATCHING UP WITH JG. Rob Gray was able to interview former great Jeremiah George about his NFL experience.

DUAL THREAT. Tim Van Galder was inducted into the athletics Hall of Fame over the weekend, and he lived an interesting life.

ABOVE KANSAS! Big 12 post spring rankings.

Seattle Mariners

ANOTHER CLOSE LOSS. The damn Astros, man.

Around The Country

I THINK I DIG THIS. The Big 12 championship game should return, with a twist.

BITCHFEST. Bryce Petty getting drafted somehow resulted in a Twitter war between UT and Baylor assistants..

HINT, WE'RE NOT ON THERE. The NFL draft's most productive colleges.

WAIT, THAT'S WHY? LeBron James got rid of his headband for team unity.

IMPRESSIVE. Dodger fan catches home run ball on his own camera.

YEAH, PRETTY MUCH. Here's Mayweather-Pacquaio in Punchout format. Also, you're a sucker if you ordered it.

EVERYBODY HATES FLOYD. Mayweather gets booed as he celebrates. He's hated partially because of his banning of reporters who criticize him.

A DELICIOUS HAT. Need a Kentucky derby hat? Why not craft one out of hot dogs?

UH, OK. Shirtless knife wielding man gets stuck in a basketball hoop is as ridiculous as it sounds.

I GOT $100 ON BUFFETT. Warren Buffett vs. Ndamukong Suh in arm wrestling.