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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/7/15

Iowa State Basketball

BULLS OR NO? Bobby La Gesse looks at if the Bulls job would be that attractive to Fred Hoiberg.

Iowa State Athletics

CHATTING WITH JP. Jamie Pollard talks about the state of the conference while at the Big 12 meetings.

Seattle Mariners

A SAD ENDING. An RBI double in the 9th caused the Mariners to lose to the Angels.

Around The Country

ONLY 6 MONTHS TOO LATE! The Big 12 has finally figured out a good tie-breaking procedure.

OH MY MESSI. Lionel Messi does Lionel Messi things and Jerome Boateng will never be the same.

PREMEDITATED. The Wells Report indicates that the Patriots and Tom Brady knew about deflating balls.

AND THE MEDIA LOVES IT. The New York media is certainly enjoying Tom Brady's problems.

GRONK HAS NO COMMENT. Except a flex.

CLUTCH. Is not how you would describe Austin Rivers' attempt at tying the game late.

DOUBLE BICYCLES! Double bicycle kick goal is as impressive as it sounds.

NOT COOL, MAN. Marshall running back arrested for beating up two gay guys for being gay.

WIPEOUT. Shaq had an amazing wipeout on the TNT set last night.

DEPRESSING WAY TO LOSE. The Canadiens thought they would be going to OT against the Lightning. Nope.