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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/1/15

Iowa State Basketball

THE END. Chris Williams writes about the saga that ends today, as Fred Hoiberg takes the Chicago Bulls job.

IS HORNACEK INTERESTED? Jeff Hornacek isn't totally settled in Phoenix, maybe he's interested in a return foray into the college game?

NEW REQUEST TIME! Hey, this is a great time to ask for more seats if you'd like!

Seattle Mariners


Around The Country

RANKED BY CHIPOTLE. Iowa State comes in at 75th in campus proximity to Chipotle.

SHE'S IN BETTER SHAPE THAN YOU. 92 year old woman completes a marathon.

RAIN DELAY FUN. People's Elbows make the time go faster.

IT'S STILL FAKE... But this kind of athleticism/stupidity in WWE is impressive.

BIG BOY PITCHING. Ben Ancheff is your new favorite pitcher.

THIS EFFING GUY. Rangers fan who bought on-the-glass seats is just the worst.

MESSI IS GOD. Not enough superlatives to describe him. Just watch.