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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/10/15

The Prohman Empire has officially begun.

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Iowa State Basketball The Prohman Empire

JOHN WALTERS TALKS TO THE EMPEROR. John Walters had a quick interview with the newly minted head coach.

THE ROLAND ROCKET, TOO. Walters also talks to The Roland Rocket, Gary Thompson, and he's a fan.

MIGHT AS WELL ASK THE PLAYERS. Walters also talks to Jameel McKay, Georges Niang, and Naz Long.

MONTE LIKES WHAT HE SEES. Monte Morris is a fan of Prohm's approach to point guards.

A WILD THREE DAYS. Prohm went from knowing Hoiberg would coach the Bulls, to writing off Iowa State, to finally interviewing, and that's nothing compared to what the weekend had in store for him.

FRED'S CHOICE ALL ALONG. Randy Peterson has a good look at the behind the scenes process it took to hire Prohm, and he was Hoiberg's choice from the beginning.

RECRUITING PHILOSOPHY. To conquer the conference you have to restock the troop supply, and Prohm lays out his philosophy on doing just that.

THE SECOND WORST KEPT SECRET. The Ames Tribune has learned that Jamie Pollard visited the search firm in Atlanta on May 19th. In other news, I'm male.

Around the Empire

STUFF TO GO READ & WATCH. If you loved Mad Max and Avengers: Age of Ultron then you should go read these comics and watch these shows.

DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH. Secretariat still would have whipped American Pharoah's ass in the Belmont Stakes and see for yourself in this side by side video of the two historic runs.

A VIDEO GAME BROUGHT TO LIFE. A BMX rider took his bike to the abandoned Pontiac Silverdome and did some cool stunts.

DEFENSIVE FOUNDATION. Something we're not used to in Ames, but here's a look at how Florida State will rebuild their defense for this fall.

41(!) BOWL GAMES. In today's Read Option they discuss the growing pool of college bowl games.

LEBRON IS A MACHINE. LeBron has always been considered a robotic model of basketball efficiency, but now he's taking his machine like abilities to a whole new level.