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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/12/15

Iowa State Basketball

TOUGHNESS IS KEY. Steve Prohm's biggest secret to better defense is more toughness.

POINT GUARD U. Monte Morris is really excited about Steve Prohm's track record of producing quality point guards.

NO DROPOFF. Jon Rothstein expects little dropoff from the Dreamy to Prohman eras.

Seattle Mariners

MORE LOSING! Are we used to this yet?

Around The Country

GET ON IT, STEVE. A first look at the 5 star recruits of 2017.

DUDE IS CRAZY. The infamous Cleveland weatherman is going to new heights of crazy.

LEDONG. America got much more of LeBron James than it expected.

GENIUS. The Cavs show a Michigan logo when they want fans to boo.

DELLY HATE. David Lee isn't buying into the Dellavedova lovefest.

A REMINDER OF THE ONLY MAN TO HATE TIM DUNCAN. Joey Crawford was angry last night.

POINTS FOR ACCURACY? Super harsh double footed nutshot.