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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/17/15

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Iowa State Football

MARLEY & ME. Cyclone football added JUCO wide receiver Marley Allison, who may get playing time in the slot this fall.

FROM FOOTBALL TO BASEBALL. Holder Austin Fischer wants to play baseball after graduating from Iowa State.

Big 12 Conference

OUR SAVIOR, BEEBEUS CHRIST? Dan Beebe might have saved the Big 12 during conference realignment.

Seattle Mariners

OH NO, THEY SUCK AGAIN! The M's lost 6-2 to the Giants on Tuesday.

Around The Country

DUB NATION WINS IT ALL. The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in Game 6 to win the NBA Finals.

MVPIGGY. Andre Iguodala took home the Finals MVP hardware.

HOOKED FOREVER. Harrison Barnes' first-ever sip of alcohol was victory champagne.

NOT EVEN ONE. Stephen Curry didn't even get one MVP vote:

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS. Or the St. Louis Cardinals might hack your computer system.

DON'T BE A DUMBASS. That, and other unwritten rules of hacking another team's computer system.

A PUNCHABLE FACE. If you're not a Cardinals fan, chances are you want to punch this guy after seeing his sign.

USA! USA! The USWNT defeated Nigeria 1-0 and won Group D in the World Cup.

TIMBERRRR! Prince Fielder tripped over third base and his teammates seemed to enjoy it.

WORLD'S GREATEST. Vince Wilfork's shirt says he's the world's greatest farter.