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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/19/15

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Iowa State Basketball

GOOD LUCK CHUCK. Charlie Henry is off to Chicago to serve under Fred Hoiberg.

CUSTER'S LAST STAND. The Big 12 All-Academic teams were announced, and the only member of the basketball team on it was Clayton Custer.

SHOUT! Steve Prohm's coaching style is a lot more direct than Fred Hoiberg's.

Seattle Mariners

HAD A BAD DAY. Mariners lose 7-0.

Around The Country

NEW JERSEYS! The 76ers unveiled some new jerseys and they're fairly sharp.

WE ALL DO IT. Pablo Sandoval admitted to using his phone while in the bathroom during a game.

JEBUS, HERSCHEL. Herschel Walker admits he has partaken in multiple Russian Roulette games.

LEBRON: PROBABLY A JUSTIFIED DICK. LeBron's kind of been a dick to his head coach.

HORRIBLE WAY TO LOSE. Walk-off balks are just sad.

CHICAGO SEEMS FUN RIGHT NOW. Fucking right, Chicago!

POSSIBLY INCOMPETENT. Is Steve Patterson an idiot?