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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/2/15

Iowa State Basketball

REPLACEMENT TIME. Who are the leading candidates to replace the departed Fred Hoiberg?

LEAVE OTZ ALONE! Gary Parrish writes that Iowa State should let Jamie Pollard have his way and let T.J. Otzelberger have the job.

THE LAST WORD. Kirk Haaland thanks Fred Hoiberg for everything over the last five years.

Seattle Mariners

EVEN WITH FELIX. The M's still lost to the Yankees, even though Felix Hernandez was on the mound.

Around The Country

MOSTLY ALUMS. In SB Nation's highly scientific studies, Iowa State has the 10th highest percentage of alumni fans.

WHY DID WE LOSE TO THEM AGAIN? UAB Football is already back after being killed a couple of months ago.

OBVIOUSLY A BAD PERSON. Giancarlo Stanton eats his Kit Kat like an animal.

JUST A BIT SHORT. When you're sliding into second, it would be good to make it into the base.

NO MORE MARK MAY. Rejoice over this news, most people!

MUCHO MESSI. Because you can't hear his goal called in enough countries.

THE BEST REMAKE! The Rock is starring in the new Big Trouble In Little China.

AWKWARD. Bare butt rubbing seems NSFW, but it's sports, yo.