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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/25/15

Iowa State Basketball

ALL THE NIANG'S BELONG TO US. Niang drops 58 points in CCL play.

THE EJ IS BACK IN TOWN. Melvin comes back to Iowa for the summer and talks about his experience in Italy.

Iowa State Football

EXPANSION, OR MID MAJOR DEATH? OU's President making the case for Big 12 Expansion.  It probably means he plans to whore OU out to the Pac or SEC and we'll just end up with UNI playing with our weiners in 20 years.  Sigh.

Seattle Mariners

MOAR SUCKAGE. The Mariners continue to prove to be a perfect baseball adoption for WRNL.

Around The Country


SPURRIER HATES THE REBEL FLAG. Hard to believe he's made it in South Carolina this long.