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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/29/15

Iowa State Athletics

ACCESS TO EMPEROR PROHM. Steve Prohm went on a media tour and opened up about his past and what drives him with John Walters/ and Travis Hines of the Ames Tribune.

SEZ ON SCHEDULE. The South End Zone expansion at Jack Trice Stadium is on schedule to be completed two weeks before the season begins and there are even updated pictures of the progress.

MCCLUTCH. Jameel McKay hit a game winning shot to lift his Capital City League team to victory last night.

Seattle Mariners
KING FELIX IS NOT AMUSED. The Mariners lose again and prove that we should have went with the Astros.
Around the Country

BIG XII EXPANSION WILL MAKE MONEY. Jason Kirk does math, tells us how the Big XII expanding would make sense for everyone involved.

TOM HERMAN WILL SMASH EVERYTHING. Ian Boyd writes about the smashmouth spread invading Texas with the hiring of Tom Herman (Houston) and Chad Morris (SMU). Read this if you want to see how a team like Iowa State struggles to run this system when schools with better athletes are doing it.

A WAY TOO EARLY MOCK. The Mothership did an early mock draft of the 2016 NBA Draft and there's a conspicuous absence.

BAD WEEK FOR DIDDY. As he eats it at the BET Awards last night.

COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE FOR THIS GUY. Watch a MotoGP racer fall off his bike, save it, and still cross the finish line.

SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ASTROS. At worst, the Astros' mascot would fit in well around here.

HOME RUN DERBY CHANGING. This new format actually sounds pleasing to watch.

DISCOUNT DOUBLE SWORD. Aaron Rodgers can sword fight, or something.

LEFREAKOUT. LeBron opts out of the player option on his contract, but it's not as bad as it seems.