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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/3/15

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Iowa State Basketball

INCASE YOU SPENT YESTERDAY UNDER A ROCK. Fred Hoiberg introduced as the next Bulls head coach.

OUR ANDY GRIFFITHOur affection for Fred.

HOIBERG TALKS ABOUT HIS DEPARTURE AND HIS FUTURE. You should watch this video from Keith Murphy one-on-one with Dreamy.


ANALYZING THE HOIBERG HIRE. ESPN analyzes how Hoiberg will fit in as the Bulls next head coach.

YOU GUYS KNOW I'M NOT ABOVE SHAMELESSLY PLUGGING MYSELF. Naz and Georges weigh in on Fred leaving.

Iowa State Athletics

There might be other things happening...?

Seattle Mariners

GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH. Mariners manager goes after each ump in a pretty good tirade. 8.5/10 would recommend.

LOSING IN EXTRA'S ISN'T FUN. We lost in extra innings.

Around the Country

SEPP BLATTER RESIGNS. FIFA president Sepp Blatter resigns, what's next?

GIANCARLO STANTON CAN HIT A BASEBALL 470 FEET SO I'M NOT GONNA ARGUE WITH HIM. But he can't eat a KitKat the right way. Also KitKat has a pretty good social media manager.

HAVE YOURSELF A GAME KID. Rangers rookie Joey Gallo hits a single, double and home run in his debut. He also played with National's Bryce Harper when they were wee little kids.

WARRIORS ARE GONNA BE TOUGH. The Warriors just might be Lebron's toughest challenge so far in the Finals. The Warriors still shouldn't double Lebron though, that's just a bad idea.

I FEEL LIKE I CAN'T DO A MMD WITH OUT A BARTOLO COLON MENTION. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred makes a compelling case for no DH's and says Bartolo Colon's batting as a source of great entertainment.

DON'T HIRE THE FRENCH TO BUILD ANYTHING. A piece of scoreboard fell and injured some fans at the French Open. The injuries were minor if you don't care to click the link, I feel like that's an important note.

SPLASH FATHERS. Dell and Mychal recall Steph and Klay growing up.

NBA WANTS COLLEGE COACHES. The NBA has seen a recent uptick in hiring coaches from the college ranks, including our own Dreamy.

FANTASTIC RALLY. Djokovic and Nadal are both really good.