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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/5/15

Iowa State Basketball

THE WAY. Bobby La Gesse writes about fit when it comes to a new basketball coach.

SOON. Steven Leath thinks the search will be over soon.

Iowa State Football

THERE'S A NATIONAL TEAM? Cliff Stokes and Ernst Brun were selected for USA Football's National Team.

Seattle Mariners

A LOSING STREAK. The Ms fall to the Rays 2-1.

Around The Country

DANCE, KID, DANCE! Riley Curry's Game 1 victory dance is great.

THIS SEEMS LIKE A BASEBALL INJURY. Dolphins kicker hurts himself playing kickball with his team.

CL FINAL. Juventus vs. Barcelona is going to be great.

FART TAX. The Broncos aren't going to let you get away with farting in meetings.