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Fred Hoiberg is a Better Tweeter than You

WRNL takes a look at the 13 best Tweets during the Mayor's time as head coach at ISU.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

No matter how you feel about Fred Hoiberg's decision to take the head coaching job for the Chicago Bulls, there's no denying that the man has mad Twitter skills. The Mayor has built an army of over 82,000 followers since he created his account back in 2010, and has quickly perfected the art of Tweeting, though this may come as a bit of a surprise if you hear his quote in the video below...

(Skip ahead to 1:04 to hear Fred's 'thoughts' on social media)

Love letter from Mike Tyson... Gets me every time!

In honor of the greatness that has come from @ISUMayor32, let's take a brief stroll down memory lane with some of the best Tweets of the Hoiberg era.

#13: Look Away!

If you have your own Twitter account and followed along with #HoibergWatch over the past couple weeks, you've probably seen this Tweet floating around. Fred points out Joakim Noah's less-than-beautiful shooting form... Chances are, Noah will spend a lot of time in the Bulls' practice facility with coach Hoiberg this offseason so he can at least lower his form's rating from "R" to "PG-13".

#12: Hole in One

Gosh, what can't this guy do? On top of being the desire of every midwestern woman, he hits aces on the golf course too? Totally not fair for the rest of us mortals...

#11: "A Few Inches"

The oldest Tweet on our list, this was back in 2012 when Fred's twins were still wee lads. It probably took all of his willpower to hold back from shouting "MISMATCH! ISO! ISO!" while taking this pic.

#10: Totally Awkward

Both Cy and Fred appear to have filled out their forms since the first picture was taken. Trips to Hickory Park with Fran Fraschilla and Brent Musburger on Big Mondays will do that to you.

#9: #Swagberg

Fred's daughter Paige SHOOK HER HEAD when she caught a glimpse of her dad's dance moves... But the Mayor used his #SWAG to shoot back his reply Tweet.

#8: "I Know Where You Live..."

Shortly after Paige was asked out to prom by ISU football coach Paul Rhoads' son, Wyatt, Fred snapped this photo with his daughter's date at a game in Jack Trice Stadium. Dad mode: fully engaged.

#7: Flappy Bird

During Flappy Bird's swift rise to popularity, Fred took it upon himself to become a master at the tricky game. For those who have never played Flappy Bird, it's a struggle for many people to even get to double digits... Let alone over 100.

#6: A Heartfelt Thank You

This Tweet, one of Fred's last  as Iowa State's head coach, was a good one. Coming off yet another major heart surgery, the Mayor thanked Mayo Clinic for their help updating his #BIONICDREAMY hardware.

"We can rebuild him. We have the technology."

#5: #Turnup

Fred Hoiberg and Macauley Culkin, both left at home while their families went on vacation. WRNL wonders how Fred managed to ward off the Wet Bandits...

#4: Better in Twos

After helping ISU win their second Big 12 Tournament championship in a row, Fred sent out this tweet featuring his twin boys at the top of the ladder with him following the ceremonial net-cutting. Things are, indeed, better in twos.


It's Fred Hoiberg and a llama.


#2: Favorite Starting Five

No matter where he goes to coach, Fred's favorite starting five will always be this group of aesthetically gifted human beings he calls family. Nice Tweet, Coach.

#1: Cheers, Coach

When the Cyclones won their first Big 12 Tournament title in over a decade in 2014, the Mayor had his former coach and mentor Johnny Orr on his mind. Orr, Hoiberg's coach at ISU for three years, passed away in December of 2013. Gone, but certainly never forgotten.

Rest assured Fred, it's safe to say coach Orr is proud of what you accomplished at Iowa State.

J Orr