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Iowa State Basketball Coaching Search Update: June 8th

Some interviews happened this weekend.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The sun rose this morning and Iowa State still doesn't have a head basketball coach. I'm not sure how long it's been since someone has had command of the program... oh wait, yes I do:

I guess we're on Day 7 of #CoachWatch now.

What We Know

Jamie Pollard and Parker Executive Search interviewed potential candidates in Atlanta this weekend. As we mentioned last week, those candidates were Steve Prohm (Murray State), Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin), Bryce Drew (Valparaiso), and TJ Otzelberger (Iowa State). However, there was a surprise candidate who should be familiar to most of us:

Well, that's nice, but it's probably definitely not happening. Here's Moton's resume from

That tempo just isn't going to fly in Ames.

What We Don't Know

We don't know how the interviews went this weekend. Did Steven Leath's play for a search firm result in the best candidates for the job? Maybe. Maybe not. Did one of the mystery candidates who were rumored to be interested pan out? Potentially, but that issue is going to come down to money.

What's Next

I don't know, hire someone?

A lot of this hinges on whether or not the mystery candidate pans out, and if I'm a betting man I don't think that happens. It's going to cost a lot of money to lure this name to Ames, and it remains to be seen if Leath and Pollard are on the same page regarding what that amount of money is.

Last week I made numerous mentions of Otzelberger being the clubhouse leader and in the interest of sticking with golf analogies I'll say this: Otz was forced in to a three hole playoff with some other candidates, and at the end of the playoff Otz is still very likely to remain on top. Maybe there's a sudden death hole with him and another candidate, but Otz still absolutely remains the favorite because of his familiarity with the course.

So here were are after the weekend in the same spot we were last week: coachless. Let's hope that changes this week.