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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/8/15

Iowa State Basketball

THE END. Fred Hoiberg's final press conference at Iowa State :(

CLOSURE. Bobby La Gesse writes that Fred Hoiberg's final goodbye brings closure to the era.

DARK HORSE CANDIDATE. NC Central's Levelle Moton also interviewed for the Iowa State job this weekend.

Seattle Mariners

THEY WON ONE! The Mariners stole a game from the Rays.

Around The Country

LOCAL HERO! A Des Moines man live-tweeted his harrowing Taco Bell experience.

NO STAR CALLS HERE. The Cavaliers salvaged game 2 despite LeBron not getting calls at the end of the game.

PROMISE FULFILLED. John Oliver chugged the Bud Light Lime that he promised to chug when Sepp Blatter resigned.

RECRUITING BATTLEFIELD. Duke and Kentucky are waging war for 5 star recruits right now.

EVEN HIS JOCKEY IS IMPRESSED. American Pharoah's victory surprised even his jockey.

FPS FOOTBALL. The Dallas Cowboys are going to use virtual reality to train.

NOPE. Chris Archer will not accept your kiss, random fan guy.

LEGIT COOL. The new Milwaukee Bucks jerseys are actually pretty sweet.

2000 FLUSHES. Tampa Bay turned their waters into a toilet bowl cleaner ad.

JUST SHOWING OFF. Texas' kicker hits backflip field goal.