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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/9/15

Iowa State Basketball

THE BEST FIT. Seth Davis can't say enough about the fit of Steve Prohm and Iowa State.

MEDCALF'S IN. Myron Medcalf says it's not quite like hiring The Mayor, but Prohm is damn close.

PLAYERS LOVE IT. Georges Niang gives Prohm an A+, while Monte and Jameel are happy with the hire as well.

LIVE STREAM! Here's the link to the live stream of Prohm's press conference at 10 AM.

Seattle Mariners

BACK TO LOSING. We can start the losing streak again!

Around The Country

LESS TIMEOUTS, LESS SHOT CLOCK. The NCAA approved the rule change to 30 second shot clocks, which is pretty much music to Fred Hoiberg's Steve Prohm's ears.

SELF CONFIDENCE. Nick Chubb thinks of himself as a Lamborghini.

I DON'T THINK THAT'S THE WORD YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. Amphibious pitchers are all the rage these days!

MUSTACHE HAIR. Royals prospect gets hair mustache.

GIGANTOR HANDS. Michael Jordan can palm a pumpkin.

THIS SEEMS UNFAIR. 7'3" middle school basketball player is dominant. Shocking, right?

BLAME THE SKINNY JEANS. P.K. Subban plays street hockey against a kid, and gets denied.