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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/10/15

Bill Fennelly takes a page from Fred Hoiberg, football talk is starting to boil, and Monte Morris is on a mission.

Iowa State Basketball

MORRIS CUT. Monte Morris was cut from the USA Basketball roster prior to the Pan Am Games.

TRANSFER U. Bill Fennelly announces the addition of Vanderbilt transfer Heather Bowe to the roster.

REBUILT AND READY. Jadda Buckley and Claire Ricketts received medical redshirts for missing significant chunks of last season and are ready to go in 2015.

Iowa State Wrestling

ADDING TO THE LEGACY. Kyven Gadson announced he will be training for the 2016 Olympic games and doing so with Iowa State head coach Kevin Jackson.

Around the Country

BIG 12 PREVIEWS ROLL ON. Today Bill Connelly previews Baylor. For those interested, we have the Big 12 previews linked in our cover.

GO FOR TWO. A situation Iowa State seldom finds themselves in, but relevant none the less: when to go for two with the lead late in games. Warning: this is dense.

LATT RETURNS. Not that Latt, but Marcus Lattimore chronicles his retirement from the NFL and his future in South Carolina.

SNAKE IS DEAD. Former NFL Quarterback Ken "The Snake" Stabler is dead at 69.

MAKING A NAME. Former Nets Assistant GM Bobby Marks has made a name for himself during NBA free agency.