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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/13/15

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Iowa State Basketball

CANADIAN CONNECTION. Iowa State is letting new Cyclone Bridget Carleton blog from the U19 World Championships.

BURTON CAN THROW DOWN. And Matt Thomas really does have the prettiest shooting form.

BURTON CAN SCORE IN OTHER WAYS TOO. Deonte poured in 101 points in the Cap City semifinals and finals to win his team a championship.

Seattle Mariners

THIS IS OUR FAULT. The Mariners will go into the All-Star break seven games under .500 after losing 10-3 to the Angels.

Around The Country

BIG 12 HIERARCHY. Spoiler alert: We're down there with Kansas.

WOW. Backflip rugby pass is the best.

DOUBLE WOW. Or maybe a quadruple BMX backflip is better.

FUTURE DANCE MACHINE. Torrey Smith's kid is either going to be a professional dancer, or be really good at touchdown celebrations.

BOO ANDY! Andy Dalton is getting booed at MLB All-Star game festivities.

STILL BITTER. Mark Cuban isn't exactly accepting of DeAndre Jordan's apology.

THE FLASH. Billy Hamilton stole a base while the catcher was returning the ball to the pitcher.

STADIUM SCAM. John Oliver nails the biggest scam in sports.