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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/17/15

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Iowa State Football

DISREGARD THE LACK OF FOOTBALL. The 2015 commercial is out! 

NOT LAST! Iowa State was picked to finish 9th in the Big 12 preseason poll. Rejoice!

Around The Country

NOT US! The top 10 worst teams of the last decade don't include Iowa State!

OVERSIZED POINT GUARDS ARE COOL. The new trend sweeping college basketball.

HE'S THAT GOOD. LeBron drains backward free throw.

THAT'S A WEIRD THING TO JOKE ABOUT. Andre Iguodala jokes about wanting a trade.

HELL OF AN ANNOUNCEMENT. Using JJ Watt to announce your pregnancy wins the day.

UMPIRE WITH FLAIR. So much flair in his strike call, he could work at Chotchkies.

BEST SPORT EVER. Indoor bike soccer seems super difficult.