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Former Cyclones to Play in NBA Summer League

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Former Cyclone, Tyrus McGee
Former Cyclone, Tyrus McGee
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The 2015 NBA Summer League kicks off on Saturday in Orlando. As of today, we know of six former Iowa State players that will be participating in this year's league.

Royce White, Tyrus McGee, DeAndre Kane, Melvin Ejim, Diante Garrett and Bryce Dejean-Jones all earned roster spots and will give it their best shot at impressing scouts in hope of landing on an NBA team for next season. White will be playing with the Los Angeles Clippers, McGee will be with the Chicago Bulls, Kane will be with the Atlanta Hawks, Ejim will be with the Orlando Magic's "White" team, Garrett will play with both the Clippers and the Bulls and Dejean-Jones will be with the New Orleans Pelicans.

There are officially three different summer league locations. The first is in Orlando, the second in Utah and the third in Las Vegas. White and Ejim will be in the Orlando league, Kane, McGee and Dejean-Jones will play in Las Vegas, and Garrett will play in Orlando and Vegas.

All of the games involving former Cyclones are listed below (in Central time). Some teams have yet to officially announce their rosters, so if any more Iowa State guys are added to a roster, we will update the schedule as needed. All games will be televised by NBA TV.

Former ISU Player Summer League Schedule

Saturday, July 4:

Orlando Magic White (Ejim) - 10 a.m. vs. Detroit Pistons

Los Angeles Clippers (White, Garrett) - 12 p.m. vs. Orlando Magic Blue

Sunday, July 5:

Los Angeles Clippers (White, Garrett) - 12 p.m. vs. Detroit Pistons

Monday, July 6:

Orlando Magic White (Ejim) - 12 p.m. vs. Indiana Pacers

Tuesday, July 7:

Los Angeles Clippers (White, Garrett) - 4 p.m. vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Wednesday, July 8:

Orlando Magic White (Ejim) - 12 p.m. vs. Charlotte Hornets

Los Angeles Clippers (White, Garrett) - 4 p.m. vs. Miami Heat

Thursday, July 9:

Orlando Magic White (Ejim) - 2 p.m. vs. Brooklyn Nets

Friday, July 10:

New Orleans Pelicans (Dejean-Jones) - 5 p.m. vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Atlanta Hawks (Kane) - 7 p.m. vs. Denver Nuggets

Championship Day Games for Orlando Pro Summer League (TBD)

Saturday, July 11:

New Orleans Pelicans (Dejean-Jones) - 3 p.m. vs. Dallas Mavericks

Chicago Bulls (McGee, Garrett) - 5:30 p.m. vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Sunday, July 12:

Chicago Bulls (McGee, Garrett) - 5 p.m. vs. Toronto Raptors

Atlanta Hawks (Kane) - 7:30 p.m. vs. Golden State Warriors

Monday, July 13:

New Orleans Pelicans (Dejean-Jones) - 3:30 p.m. vs. Brooklyn Nets

Atlanta Hawks (Kane) - 5 p.m. vs. D-League

Tuesday, July 14:

Chicago Bulls (McGee, Garrett) - 4 p.m. vs. Brooklyn Nets

Wednesday, July 15:

Las Vegas Playoffs, Round 1 (TBD)

Thursday, July 16:

Las Vegas Playoffs, Round 2 (TBD)

Friday, July 17:

Las Vegas Consolation Round (TBD)

Saturday, July 18:

Las Vegas Quarterfinals (TBD)

Sunday, July 19:

Las Vegas Semifinals (TBD)

Monday, July 20:

Las Vegas Finals (TBD)