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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/2/15

Iowa State Basketball

SOMEONE TO PLAY FOR. Seanna Johnson is playing for her "twin" on the court.

THE EYE THAT KEEPS BLEEDING. Georges Niang's eye was bloodied at the Nike Skills Camp.

Seattle Mariners

THEY WON AND STUFF. Not awful baseball tends to get you wins.

Around The Country

BYU TIME? Should the Big 12 add BYU?

HORRIFIC. England lost to Japan in the Women's World Cup semifinals on a beautiful own goal.

THE WORST FREE AGENT STRATEGY. The Sacramento Kings will stay bottom feeders with a plan like this.

DON'T THINK IT'S HAPPENING, SEPP. Corrupt FIFA official wants his critics to go to jail. OK then.

NINJA SLIDE. Anthony Rizzo is safe.

THIS SEEMS EASY. Nerlens Noel dunks on children.

SALTY. Landon Donovan might still be a bit bitter about the World Cup.

NOBODY LIKES KOBE. After LaMarcus Aldridge apparently crossed the Lakers off his list after a meeting with Kobe, it seems appropriate to timeline Kobe's dickheadedness.

WILL YOU SCREW THIS UP? Fascinating problem solving exercise.