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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/21/15

Iowa State Basketball

WISHFUL THINKING. Iowa State has offered the center that everyone wants, Thon Maker.

MORE THAN WINS. Steve Prohm looks forward to getting closer to his new team while overseas.

Iowa State Football

MOVIN ON UP. Pierre Aka has moved to the top of the DT depth chart opposite JUCO Demond Tucker.

Around The Country

NO RUSH. Bob Bowlsby opens the door to expansion, but says it's not a rush. Bill Snyder wants 12 though!

IT'S THE COMMITTEE'S FAULT. Yep, let's do a Baylor/TCU/OSU debate rehash!

SOUNDS GOOD IN THEORY... But the Big 12's new reduced contact rules won't have much effect in practice.

GARY PINKEL HATES CATHOLICS AND MORMONS. OK, not exactly, but he does want Notre Dame, BYU, and other independents to be ineligible for the playoffs.

STILL NOT FIXED. The NCAA Tournament has new selection guidelines, and it doesn't fix a couple of problems.

KEVIN'S HAPPY. Rookies find out what their Madden ratings are.

THIS LOOKS UNFUN. Eating 12 pints of ice cream is disgusting.

CANADA HATES KANYE. There's a petition to stop Kanye from doing the closing ceremonies of the Pan-Am Games.

NO FIVE. Zach Johnson, forever leaving his caddie hanging.

GET OUT YOUR POPCORN. This Shaq-Scottie beef is pretty entertaining.