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Big 12 Media Days: Iowa State Edition

Paul Rhoads was asked and answered some questions from the media. We have your Cliff Notes here.

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The Big 12 Football Media Days set the stage for a six week buildup before Oklahoma State lines up against MAC powerhouse, Central Michigan to kick off the 2015 season. Today, Iowa State's head football coach, Paul Rhoads, sat and answered questions from those who bothered to ask them.

Here's the Cliff Notes version for those who don't care to read the entire transcript (sorry, I don't "TL:DR")

On team chemistry - it's good

On team experience - it's there

On team talent - we have chemistry and experience

On the defensive line - they're deeper and more talented than you think

On team luck - it's bad

On the running backs - they've been good at getting tackled, we're trying not to do that anymore

On fans - they are a loyal group with low expectations

On the starting quarterback - it's Sam then Grant and Joel is in there somewhere

On recruiting - it's challenging, but hey, at least we can wear sweatshirts to our games

On growing the program - we're working on it

On Mitchell Myers - screw you, cancer

So, that's that. In 46 days, Iowa State will play at home in front of 61,000 cardinal and gold seats for the first time ever. Whether those seats are filled with enthusiastic fans remains to be seen, but August brews a strange batch of optimism for Cyclone faithful. As much as we try to resist it, many will once more purchase their ticket and eagerly board the hype train even though we've all seen the miserable destination at the end of the tracks.