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Luke Knott Ready to Go Coming Off Hip Surgery

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

WRNL didn't have any staff down in Dallas covering media days, but our friend GeraldTracyIII (@_GeraldTracyIII) from Cowboys Ride For Free was kind enough to ask head coach Paul Rhoads a question on our behalf concerning the status of redshirt junior linebacker Luke Knott.

Knott's future was in question during the spring after re-injuring his hip over the offseason. For those who don't remember, he appeared in five games during his redshirt freshman season before being sidelined by a hip that required surgery. Back in April, doctors didn't know if he'd be good to go for 2015, or never be able to play football again.

Despite that wide range of outcomes, Rhoads insisted today that Knott would be ready to play at the start of the season.

"He's doing well," Rhoads said. "He's had a very healthy summer. I don't think he's ever going to be what he was before the hip surgery, but he's had a very manageable summer. He's been able to run, he's been able to lift, he's been able to change direction, he's been able to accelerate in stride and all the things that are going to be necessary for him to get back out onto the field."

"We're encouraged, he's encouraged and excited to be in a position to get back out there."

When asked specifically on when Knott would be ready:

"He's been able to do everything everybody has been doing all summer long and he'll be right on out there on August 7 with us when we start practicing."

With the release of yesterday's pre-camp depth chart and the inclusion of Knott, most concerns regarding his status were put to rest. But now we have it straight from the coach's mouth that the little brother of Cyclone great, Jake Knott, will be able to provide a sliver of depth to a very thin Iowa State linebacking corps.