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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/22/15

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Iowa State Basketball

MORE MAKER. How Prohm is connected to Thon Maker and a few more recruiting tidbits from Hines on Hoops.

Iowa State Football

WORDS YOU CAN READ. Here's the full transcript from Paul Rhoads' press conference.

MR. WALTERS GOES TO MEDIA DAY. And talks to Coach Rhoads plus Sam Richardson squared.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT QUENTON BUNDRAGE. Walters also interviewed the 2013 leading receiver.

LIT THAT FIRE. Rhoads talked to Pierre Aka about switching positions, and it probably made him play harder.

BETTER CULTURE = MORE WINS? Bobby La Gesse writes about how the team's chemistry is better this year than the last couple.

FIVE TAKEAWAYS. The most notable things to come out of media day according to Randy Pete.

Seattle Mariners

GRAND SALAMI. A pinch-hit grand slam in the eighth inning propelled the M's over the Tigers 11-9.

Around The Country

THE YEAR? Rookie Kyle Schwarber is going to be really difficult to demote for the Cubs if he keeps up stuff like this:

STAY AWAY, STAY FAR AWAY. UAB football will officially be back in 2017.

FIVE SECOND RULE. A little Angels fan drops his hot dog, then picks it up and eats it anyway.

#BECAUSEITSTHECORNMAZE. This farm carved out a giant Chicago Blackhawks themed corn maze.

THREE POTS, YOU'RE OUT. Steve Spurrier's rule on marijuana offenses for his players is three and done.

THAT ONE WORD YOU GUYS HIDE IN THE COMMENTS. This minor league team will be called it, for one night only.

PAPI AND GRONK LOVE THE JOE. And they prove it by singing a love song.

WORTH A SHOT. An Iowa Cubs player buys a ticket to every game for Ronda Rousey.

TELL ME IF YOU'VE HEARD THIS BEFORE. The San Antonio Spurs found a guy that can pass with the best of 'em: