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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/24/15

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Iowa State Football

SAM HONORED. Sam Richardson was named to the Manning award watchlist.

ONE ON ONES. Heartland College Sports caught up with Paul Rhoads, Sam E. Richardson, and Quenton Bundrage.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Paul Rhoads says he's OK with where recruiting is at right now.

Iowa State Basketball

3SUS LOVES HIS MOM. Naz Long is changing his last name as tribute to his mother.

RUN TO SUCCESS. The basketball team is spending their summer mornings running to condition.

Seattle Mariners

WIN IN EXTRAS. It took 12 innings, but the Ms are back in the win column.

Around The Country

THAT THON THON THON THON THON. Thon Maker crosses a guy over, then hits a stepback jumper. He's 7'1 and shouldn't be able to do these things, dammit.

NOBODY LIKES THE SEC RIGHT NOW. The SEC is not going to win Miss Congeniality this year.

CARDALE WON'T BE JUST A FOOTBALL PLAYER. A Buckeye fan told Cardale Jones to stick to football instead of having an opinion. Bad idea.

HULKAMANIA GONNA... GET FIRED? Hulk Hogan has been fired after a probable racist tirade.

CONCACORRUPTION. CONCACAF is about as corrupt as it comes.

RULE UNCLARIFICATION. The Dez Bryant rule is getting revised, and it's actually worse.

WHAT. THE. HELL. Croatia is getting docked a point in Euro 2016 qualification because they played with a swastika on the pitch.

SWEET PANTS, JOHN. John Wall has a kickass pair of frowning shark pants.

LESEAN IS THIRSTY. LeSean McCoy is celebrating(?) his new Buffalo career by hosting a females only orgy party.

QUITE ELABORATE. This batter's box routine from Japan is ridiculous.