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WRNL ASKS THE FANS: Favorite and Least Favorite Big 12 Teams

We polled our social media followers on their favorite team (besides Iowa State) and least favorite team in the Big 12 Conference. There seems to be a few trends...

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We've had you ask us questions before, but yesterday we decided to turn the gun around and shoot you guys a question of our own on our Facebook and Twitter accounts:

We got some interesting responses back from you band of hooligans... Here are some of the trends that started to show up.

Everybody Hates Kansas

Okay, well, not quite everybody... But even the people who listed the Jayhawks as their favorite still found reasons to dislike them, as Dan Srp points out on Facebook:


In sickness and in health, in richness and in poor, in heaven and in Lawrence, Kansas (we kid, we kid).

Here's some more of our favorite KU haters:




#RiotBros, #FarmAlliance and #DrinkAlliance are Your Faves

Some fans just want to see the world couches and dumpsters burn:

Really cool story from Josh Kaufman here on some WVU fans at the Big 12 Tournament:



For a lot of people, our purple friends to the southwest are their second favorite to ISU:


And some of you want to get all buddy-buddy with T. Boone Pickens:




Oddballs We Enjoyed

A HEART AS BLACK AS COAL with a special hatred for the Longhorns:

You and the rest of the conference, buddy:

Getting beat by 60 is more bearable than pleated pants and go tees:


We forgive you, Ross:


Thanks to everyone for the responses. Whether your answer made it into the article or not, be sure to vote in our poll below to see which team truly is WRNL's second favorite after the Cyclones.