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The WRNL Round Table: Best and Worst Big 12 Coaching Duo

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The fans gave us their favorite and least favorite Big 12 teams. Now, the WRNL staff chimes in with a more targeted discussion.

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Welcome to the latest edition of the WRNL Round Table. Special shoutout to Gookin for sparking the idea behind this discussion. Let's get started...

KFitzy87: We asked the fans on Sunday who their favorite and least favorite teams were in the Big 12, and they came up with some good answers. But let's dive deeper into who our true friends and enemies are by judging them in specific categories. The first question we'll address is: Who is your favorite and least favorite coaching combo in the Big 12 when it comes to football and basketball for other schools in the conference?

ClonesJer: Left my Pepsi in the car until now, it's pretty f'n warm. Would not recommend. Huggy is a dick, but in a good way. Self just seems like a dick.

austinnarber: Travis Ford and Mike "The Man" Gundy are my least favorite. And as hard as I try every year to find a problem with TCU, I can't. Trent Johnson has arguably the toughest Power 5 job in basketball, and he's improving every year. Gary Patterson has always been one of my favorites. Big fan of running up the score.

Vegas CyClown: I'll have to add any of my input later on.

ClonesJer: So I'll go Holgo & Huggy (fantastic name for either a crime fighting team or a type of hooker deal) for my favorite. They seem to give very little fucks about a lot of things and I admire that.

austinnarber: Our Daily Bears has driven me to despise Art Christ Briles too. Like he invented throwing the football a lot.

ClonesJer: Least favorite: Self and Gill. Kansas is so dumb.

austinnarber: Is David Beaty's nickname "Gill?"

ClonesJer: Doesn't matter, does it?

KFitzy87: Baylor fans really do seem full of themselves as of late. And I just figured Jer meant Gill as a nickname because KU flops around like a fish on the football field *ignores result from last year*.

ClonesJer: I meant Turner Gill, because I'm sure Kansas has had 10 other coaches since then, but why try to memorize their names?

austinnarber: Agree.

ClonesJer: They're all basically fat (or skinny), white (or some other ethnicity) and coach a terrible team with a track around their field. So terrible in fact that they lose to Iowa State almost every other time. ...sorry.

KFitzy87: I think my favorite coaching combo is actually one that is really new to the conference in Charlie Strong and Shaka Smart at Texas. Both guys take a super disciplined approach and I think Smart is going to have the Horns in the top three of the conference consistently during his tenure.

ClonesJer: Plus you have that whole "Strong & Smart" thing - which can make one jealous when trying to come up with something catchy for "Prohm". Shouldn't Texas be top three with pretty much anyone coaching them?

KFitzy87: Yes, they should. No question.

austinnarber: Yeah "Prohm & Klieman" doesn't really have a great ring to it. I mean what.

NormanUnderwood: Favorite coaching duo: Holgs and Huggs. Best party combo, both give zero fucks about anything and both field wildly entertaining teams on the field of play. Least favorite: Briles and Drew. Both seem like douchebags and I hate the relevance they brought to their school.

KFitzy87: I used to be a Drew hater, but he's grown on me in the last year or two.

CanAzn: I enter Mike Gundy and Travis Ford for a dark horse hilarious sitcom couple. I imagine there would be a lot of Gundy screaming at Ford for being an idiot while Holder tries to play peacemaker, shittily.

CyHawk: Can I pick Rhoads/Prohm to hate on?

NormanUnderwood: Drew has always struck me as slimey. Getting quick turnarounds in recruiting at a small private school with no fan support or tradition doesn't seem up and up.

ClonesJer: I'm more jealous of Briles than hateful. Someday when we play football in outer space, ISU will have their own Briles...

KnowDan: Briles earned my respect last year at Buffalo. Any guy going for it on 4th and 3 up 40 points is a coach that I want. That mentality is what allowed them to comeback against TCU.

ClonesJer: I almost said Rhoads/Prohm... Just for sheer lack of Fredness.

NormanUnderwood: My feelings on Briles are purely jealousy. That and he was kind of a little bitch about getting left out of the playoffs. Their resume wasn't worthy, sorry.

KFitzy87: I think my least favorite combo is Snyder and Weber. I have an irrational hatred for Snyder just because he uses voodoo magic to make K-State good every year. And Weber just seems like a bumbling fool.

The CYdeliner: For favorites it's definitely Huggy Bear for reasons already mentioned, and for me Kliff Kingsbury. He hits on his recruit's mothers.

ClonesJer: Briles, Patterson and Snyder are basically the same for me - coaches who take a shit school and win against the odds. I hate that, but I also wish one of them coached at ISU. I assume Beaty will now win 10 games this year just to spite us.

austinnarber: I can't hate Bill Snyder. He's 103 and refuses to field a bad football team.

The CYdeliner: And for least favorite it's Scott Drew because he's a whiny, timeout calling, Bible beater. And I can't believe no one has said this yet, but Bob Stoops. He's a Hawkeye who won't hesitate to shit on Iowa State whenever he gets the chance.

NormanUnderwood: I hate Stoops a lot, but I respect the fuck out of Lon Kruger, so that took OU off the table. Individually, Stoops is my most hated for the reasons CYdeliner said. I thought we were using one school.

CanAzn: I think the most impressive thing about Bill Snyder is that he still eats Taco Bell. That's an impressive digestive system. Either that, or I just feel really bad for whoever KSU hires to clean his office bathroom.

austinnarber: I believe that's the nurse's job.

KFitzy87: I think they hired Weber to clean Snyder's toilet.

NormanUnderwood: Bruce Weber's Adventures in Toilet Cleaning sounds like a fun piece.

ClonesJer: A Bruce Weber interview where you ask him a bunch of questions and all he does is stare back with that blank open mouth expression.

Cyclone Scholar: Favorites for me: Briles and Drew at Baylor. For some reasons mentioned above, but also for the sheer fact that they took a program that used to be the laughing stock of the Big 12 and have turned them into perennial contenders, in both sports. Hard to have so much hate for a team that we used to check off as an automatic win, to one that is now more respectable than we are... Also, getting so many top recruits to go to a small private school is quite impressive... Norm's gonna hate me for this, haha.

NormanUnderwood: I also hate Baylor because of my interactions with their fanbase. I think I wrote something called "The Real Hate Week" where I just laced into them.

austinnarber: Baylor Twitter is unbearable. Oh god that's a pun.

Cyclone Scholar: Least favorite: Weber and Snyder... Just can't stand K-State, always seem to field good respectable teams, even though all signs show they should suck, always seem to be someone that gives ISU a hard time, and there really isn't much I can find that is likeable about either of those two guys.

CanAzn: This is the summation of horrible Baylor fan.

KnowDan: Hahaha, I had forgotten about that. Much cheap. So tasteless.

ClonesJer: I mean, really, K-State should be hated - the last 12-15 games they've played against us they've strung us out for 3.5 quarters letting us smell the victory, only to yank it away at the last minute, usually with a slow beatdown drive to work the last five minutes off the clock. I should hate em - I'm sure baffled someone born before WWII started can be so fucking brutally good at it.

austinnarber: I thought we would win that game last year by three touchdowns when Jarvis hit Lazard for that touchdown.

KFitzy87: You must have forgot we are Iowa State.

KnowDan: You sir, need to have your head checked.

austinnarber: So much was going right...

ClonesJer: Don't believe it... I'm old man winter here, but I personally watched KSU come back from 0-24 at half and beat us 27-24 at home.

NormanUnderwood: Hey everyone! Narber got optimistic about Rhoads beating Snyder. POINT AND LAUGH. POINT AND LAUGH.


KnowDan: Narber, are you sure you're not 12? Your view of ISU is too optimistic for someone in their 20s.

ClonesJer: Excuse me, it was 0-28 at half and they won 35-28... So that's better.

Cyclone Scholar: I thought "A Narb" was a reference to Austin haha... Was so confused for a second there, Azn.

ClonesJer: Impressively we still lead the series 49-45, though get this, KSU has won 18 of the last 21 games. Ouch.

NormanUnderwood: How many of those were one TD or less? At least the last seven or eight.

KnowDan: We won in 2004, 2005 and 2007, even worse.

KFitzy87: Holy cow that is sad.

KnowDan: It took two of our best teams in the last 15 years vs two of Snyder's worst to win in 2004 and 2005. And then Gene Chizik won a cripple fight against Ron Prince. That's A LOT of sadness.

KFitzy87: We should probably wrap this up... But we can't end on K-State's ownage of us. How about this... Rank all nine of the other schools for your final Big 12 coaching preferences... For me, it's: 1. Texas, 2. WVU, 3. OSU, 4. Baylor, 5. TCU, 6. OU, 7. Tech, 8. KU, 9. KSU.

ClonesJer: 1. WVU, 2. TCU, 3. OU, 4. Baylor, 5. KSU (on Snyder being #1 & Weber averaging him out), 6. Texas, 7. Tech, 8. OSU, 9. KU.

NormanUnderwood: 1. WVU, 2. Texas, 3. TCU, 4. OSU, 5. KU, 6. KSU, 7. OU, 8. Tech, 9. Baylor.

austinnarber: 1. TCU, 2. Texas, 3. WVU, 4. KSU, 5. OU, 6. KU, 7. Tech, 8. Baylor, 9. OSU.

Vegas CyClown: Alright guys, I'm here, we can start this round table thing now... 1. TCU, 2. WVU, 3. KSU, 4. OSU, 5. Texas, 9a. TTU, 9b. Baylor, 9c. KU, 9d. OU. Peace out.

Editor's Note: We tried some different software for conducting this edition of the WRNL Round Table. Let us know if you liked it, didn't like it, or didn't notice. We'll probably do more of these in the future, because who doesn't love discussing groundbreaking topics like the intricacies of cleaning Bill Snyder's toilet...