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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/28/15

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Iowa State Basketball

NEW OFFERS. The Register has a good rundown of the new offers Iowa State has out right now.

Iowa State Football

MEET THE NEWCOMERS. Cyclones.TV goes in depth with the newcomers to the football team.

HOW MUCH CAN THE RECEIVERS DO? Iowa State's most polished unit talk about how much they can carry the offense.

Seattle Mariners

I THOROUGHLY ENJOY LL'S HEADLINES. They are almost as sad as our football ones will be.

Around The Country

MANUTE BOL REDUX. Manute's giant son is apparently also in the Thon Maker freak mold.

THIS ONLY WORKS IN NORCAL. secret burrito compartment only works when it's like 55 year round, A's pitcher.

THIS IS MORE PROACTIVE THAN CALLING A TOW TRUCK. Giant cyclist moves car out of way.

WELL, THAT SETTLES IT. Larry Bird says Michael Jordan would have worked him.

CHEF BERT. Bret Bielema will teach you how to cook.

BIG MAN NAE NAE. Children teach JJ Watt how to nae nae.

WEIRD TASTE, NICK. Saban says he'd only cheat on his wife with Hillary Clinton.