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Turning Over the Keys to WRNL

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The time has come for someone new to run the show, and the site will be better because of it.

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If you're one of the observant types, you've probably seen a few things going on around the site that are indicative of a future change. Our layout has been changing, we're more active on Facebook, more FanShots are popping up, and our masthead even has a change to it. That change? The move of KFitzy87 to Community Manager. CanAzn and KnowDan are officially ceding the reins to Fitz, effective August 1, and his ambitions and drive will make the site better over the long run.

That's not to say the other two will be put out to pasture. You'll still see their contributions in Mid-Morning Dumps and occasionally in articles, but as a whole this ship now belongs to Captain Fitz. And before Dan and Azn get kicked out the door, they'll give some final thoughts...


Just kidding, mostly. It's been a fun ride over the last five plus years and as I'm sure most everyone can relate to, life priorities change as we get older (thankfully, Asian genetics help me retain my youthful appearance). I've found myself giving less and less time to the site... Less time than this growing site needs. Thankfully, Dan has been around to shoulder more of the load over the last year until we found our golden boy Fitzy.

I'm certainly glad and eternally grateful that a group of us got together and decided to create this bastion of dick jokes, food talk, and Iowa State self-loathing, but the time comes for someone who has more time on their hands and has taken far less painful gutshots from watching Iowa State athletics to come in and take the reigns. Don't worry though, I'll still be with you for a MMD or two a week and as the resident GIFmaster of the crew, it would be feel wrong if I wasn't putting together the first 2015 football episode of This Week In GIFs in just over a month.

Godspeed, WRNLers.


When NormanUnderwood finally got tired of CycloneFanatic (and most of us were banned), he realized there should be a counterpart to Black Heart Gold Pants, and thus, WRNL was born on May 18, 2010. In less than 24 hours we had a site up and running and our first articles published. It was crude, poorly formatted, and no one knew what the hell they were doing. I'd argue most of us still don't, but we have a decent idea.

Carving out our own niche in the Cyclone fan base has been both thrilling and stressful. Meeting people in Kansas City that gush over the Dreamy or AHF shirts never gets old, and the conversations I've had with many of you over the years has shaped my viewpoint on Iowa State for the better. Yet, everything has to come to an end.

With a bigger focus on my career, starting grad school this fall, and running College Football Analytics, it just has become too much to dedicate the time and effort that WRNL deserves. You're all in good hands with Fitz, and under his direction the site is going to be able to generate more content than we ever imagined while retaining the insightful, often inappropriate, view on Iowa State athletics. And as usual, you know where to find part of the staff on Saturdays in Ames, so be sure to stop by.

Now, without further ado...

A Message from Overlord Fitz

When KnowDan and CanAzn asked for new contributors for WRNL back in August of 2014, I applied with no intention whatsoever of eventually getting to the stage of becoming site manager. After a poor football season and an exciting, but heartbreaking, basketball season's worth of writing, they asked me about my interest in managing back in mid April. Following some discussion, we both agreed it would be best to think it over, as I still had to complete my final semester of college and figure out what I'd be doing this summer for work.

Once I finally graduated from the Iowa State Greenlee School of Journalism in May, I got my employment situation finalized and told the guys that I'd be willing to take over, if they'd feel fine with passing the keys to me. They agreed, and since then, they've done an awesome job of showing me the ropes while helping me realize what makes WRNL such a unique corner of the internet.

That's one of the biggest things I plan to focus on as we head into the future, by the way - not forgetting the site's roots. With any switch in leadership, an initial concern for many people is that too much change will accompany the "new guy." However, I'm here to ease any worries you might have.

For many of you, what makes this site so great is the humor that's been part of it since the beginning. Being the most hilarious Iowa State site on the internet will remain the core of the "Fitzy Era" for WRNL. After all, the humor is what brought me here originally - more specifically, when I am a Cyentist trolled the Iowa Hawkeye locker room thief.

That said, what's kept me around is the one thing we all have in common: the Iowa State Cyclones. Improving the site's coverage of ISU athletics is essential to sustaining the great growth that WRNL has experienced over the past year (we've more than doubled our Facebook likes, and our Twitter account is inching closer to 10k followers!). And while we can always do more for coverage, I truly believe WRNL has provided the most insightful pre and post game analysis for football and basketball games of any ISU website on the Internet. I'd put our previews and recaps up against any other site's and feel confident that ours are the best.

As mentioned above, growing the site includes more Facebook posts, more FanShots, and hopefully more great articles about the Cyclones. We've got a lot of talented writers on the current staff who are eager to make this place the best it can be, and chances are we'll be expanding soon to provide you even more content... Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, be sure to thank KnowDan and CanAzn for everything they've put into the site... They've done an exceptional job getting it to this point, and they leave me big shoes to fill in my new position. It's a huge relief to me that they aren't hanging up their blogging shoes altogether... Merely taking off their cleats and changing into their Chuck Taylors, so to speak.

With that, I leave you with some inspiration as we march into the future...

Let's do this! Go Cyclones!