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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/29/15

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Iowa State Basketball

MORE RECRUITING. Chris Williams runs through some of the latest recruiting trail tibits.

VOTE SO HARD. The Daily's CCL best play voting is winding down. Have you voted yet?

Iowa State Football

FARNIOK THE PURPLE. KSFY out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota reports on Tom Farniok as he battles for a roster spot on the Vikings.

WHO ARE THOSE GUYS? A look at how being inexperienced will impact ISU's running backs.

Seattle Mariners


Around The Country

PIESMAN TROPHY. You're going to want to see this brand new award for linemen who do awesome, un-lineman-esque things.

4-6-3 PUTOUT. The Royals pulled one off yesterday.

BETTING HE FEELS BAD. Mookie Betts caught a ball, flipped over the outfield fence, dropped the ball and it counted as a home run.

HARD NOT TO LIKE. Read this LeBron James Twitter Q&A and you'll see why.

#BRADYING. Everyone's doing it after reports came out that Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone in the wake of the Deflategate controversy.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: HONEST. Because I get a kick out of Honest Trailers, this one dropped yesterday on the Mission: Impossible series.