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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/30/15

Iowa State Athletics

CHANGE IS GOOD. The facilities improvements at Iowa State over the last 10 years have been staggering.

Iowa State Football

BIG EXPECTATIONS. Going into his senior year, the expectations are (relatively) sky high for Sam Richardson and the offense.

EASIER SAID THAN DONE. How does Iowa State improve its play on the offensive line?

GOOD THING IT'S 100%. Chris Booker, a WR from South Carolina, has committed to the Cyclones.

Seattle Mariners

MEH. Loss.

Around The Country

HOLGO DOESN'T NEED NEIGHBORS. Dana Holgorsen is totally fine with the Big 12 not expanding near West Virginia.

EVEN BETTER. Braxton Miller's switch to H-Back might make the country's best offense even better.

STRAIGHT UP FIVE. Dan Mullen suggests all players just get five years of eligibility, no redshirts.

KEOKUK IS THE WORST. The 10 worst places to live in Iowa. Let's just blindly assume it's all Hawk towns.

SHIT SHOW. The Mets made a player cry, then didn't trade him.

BEST THANK YOU? David Lee bought the Warriors staff Chipotle on his way out of town.

TULO RUINED JEOPARDY. Way to get traded, Troy.

THROWIN' GOOD SHADE. Drake released a diss track about Meek Mill, and made a legit sports reference.

ANGLING FOR THAT SPONSORSHIP. On a scale of 1 to 1738, the Royals' obsession with Trap Queen is a 1738.

GATEWAY DRUG. Is Rocket League the gateway game America needs to get into soccer?