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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/31/15

Iowa State Basketball

THURSDAY SPECTACULAR. Unfortunately, it's not for the football opener, but the Iowa basketball game is moved up for TV. Also, let's all laugh at the "Go Hawks" commenter.

Iowa State Football

YEAH, SPECIAL TEAMS! Can Iowa State keep up the success (let's just forget about the Oklahoma State game) on special teams this year?

Seattle Mariners

OLD TIMEY. At least LL's recap formats are always entertaining, even in sadness.

Around The Country

IOWA STATE'D. Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius took a shot in the nuts.

WHOOPS. Sheldon Richardson spoke too soon about avoiding trouble.

NO MORE POP PASSES, SORT OF. The NCAA will be watching this new wrinkle more closely.

JJ IS GOOD AT EVERYTHING. JJ Watt bombs some homers.

THAT'S REASSURING. Rio's Olympics waters are basically like swimming in raw sewage.

EXCELLENT TROLL. A Jets blog hired a plane to fly a banner above Patriots practice.

BEIJING 2022. The Olympics no one wanted finally has a home.