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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/7/15

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Iowa State Basketball

TOP 20 ATTENDANCE. Both Iowa teams were in the Top 20 in basketball attendance last year!

Iowa State Football

CCM LOVES SAM. In Crimson and Cream Machine's Big 12 QB rankings, Sam Richardson was #4.

CARRYING ON THE LEGACY. Mitchell Meyers is switching to 58 to honor Curtis Bray.

WARREN READY. With the one-time "depth" of running backs gone, Michael Warren is ready to make an impact for Iowa State.

Seattle Mariners
Around The Country

MEMORY GUY HAS A GOOD MEMORY. Reciting heights and weights of the Top 5 scorers of each Big 12 team.

NOT A GOOD LOOK. FSU QB De'Andre Johnson was caught punching a woman in the face at the bar and dismissed from the team.

THE NEW PROTOTYPE. The Ben Simmons hype is starting already.

THAT'S QUITE THE DISCOUNT. David West is taking a near 11 million dollar paycut to chase a championship.

CHECK THE SCORE FIRST. Well, this isn't the way to endear yourself in an interview.

WHERE'S THE FOUNTAIN LADY WHEN YOU NEED HER? The Royals' dugout flooded due to all the rain.

ODELL'S HANDS... They're pretty amazing.