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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/8/15

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Iowa State Basketball

JUST CURIOUS. The new batch of assistants are on one year contracts, observes Randy Pete.

EVALUATION PERIOD. Travis Hines notes some of the locations Prohm & his staff may begin recruiting.

Iowa State Football

TOP 10! Crimson and Cream Machine rated ISU's running backs 10th out of 10 teams in the Big 12.

HE'S MORE MACHINE NOW THAN MAN. KnowDan has become a football-stat-pumping machine:

Seattle Mariners

GREAT KID, DON'T GET COCKY. The M's won in extras over the Tigers on Tuesday.

Around The Country

WHO'S SCRUFFY-LOOKING? Disney plans on releasing a Han Solo standalone film in 2018.

AFLAC. The St. Louis Cardinals players fed a duck during one of Tuesday's games.

IT'S A TARP! A Pittsburgh Pirates groundskeeper got eaten alive by the field's tarp.

BEST. CEREAL. BOWL. EVER. Why not eat Lucky Charms out of Lord Stanley's Cup?

YOUR MOVE, MESSI. Cristiano Ronaldo found a woman's phone, then took her out to dinner.

SPICY CURRY. Stephen Curry wished newly-traded David Lee well on Twitter... sort of.

MAIL, SERIOUS BUSINESS. An angry mailman tore down a Tour de France fence for interrupting his route.

KANSAS HATES THE USA? KU's basketball team was forced to change jerseys at the World University Games.