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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/9/15

Iowa State Basketball

BURTON DOMINANT. Last night's CCL action featured Deonte Burton going off.

ROYCE TRYING A COMEBACK. Obviously because of DeAndre Jordan's return, he's trying to do it with the Clippers.

REDSHIRTS! Jadda Buckley and Claire Ricketts received medical redshirts.

Seattle Mariners

BACK TO LOSING. Dammit, Mariners.

Around The Country

SO IOWA STATE CAN HIRE DAN NOW? Nebraska hired a sports analytics guy.

WHAT'S GOING ON IN MEMPHIS? The Austin Nichols transfer saga points to something fishy with the Pastner regime.

THE FLIP FLOP HEARD AROUND THE NBA. DeAndre Jordan's weird hostage situation resulted in him returning to LA.

FIREWORKS CAUSE AMPUTATIONS. Jason Pierre-Paul is choosing to have his finger amputated after his fireworks accident.

PAUL PIERCE IS BAD AT PHONES. Not the truth with technology.

EVERYBODY'S GOT JOKES. Chandler Parsons has jokes about the Jordan switcheroo, but so does Blake Griffin.

THIS IS WHY CANADA HAS NEVER MADE A WORLD CUP. Duffffffffffffffffffffffff.